The Indigenous Education Institute (IEI) was created for the preservation and contemporary application of traditional Indigenous knowledge.

The mission and goals were developed in order to provide awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in the world today. Cultural and linguistic diversity provide strength and richness to individuals and nations. Indigenous ways of knowing contain knowledge that can provide greater sustainability and stewardship of the earth and cosmos, leading to a harmonious, balanced future.

Due to Covid-19, many scheduled conferences may be cancelled or repurposed to virtual settings.

Upcoming Events

We are delighted to announce the 5th webinar in our Speaker Series, A Sense of Place: Indigenous Perspectives on Earth and Sky,  featuring Chad Kālepa Babayan, a Pwo navigator, who will be speaking about the resurgence of Oceanic Wayfinding, the indigenous art of non-instrument navigation and orientation at sea, voyaging on board double-hulled deep sea canoes and modern day efforts to recapture the spirit of traditional expeditions of exploration.

This webinar will take place October 15, 2020, at Noon Pacific Time.

Space is limited, so register now by clicking here!

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