00:33:26 BONNIE GRETZ: Hello from Whidbey Island, Washington state, Coastal Salish land
00:34:39 Stephen Pompea: Greetings from Leiden, The Netherlands
00:35:22 Laura Fragua-Cota: Greetings from Walatowa, aka Jemez Pueblo, NM, USA. Wahpaa waagee, aka Laura Fragua-Cota
00:38:46 Page Else: Aloha from Hawaii Island!
00:39:16 Peter Mecca: Hello from Herndon, VA. Happy to attend.
00:39:40 Rosemary Walling: Greetings from Juneau, Alaska
00:39:54 Bonnie Murray: Hello from Suffolk, VA. The traditional lends of the Nansemond Nation.
00:40:17 Karen Kitchen: Greetings from Portland, OR!
00:40:18 John Olson: Hello from Dakota lands in Minnesota.
00:40:30 Laura Brandt: Hi from Silver Spring MD, the occupied traditional lands of the Piscataway.
00:40:53 Victoria Coats: Greetings again from Portland, OR! Hi Karen!
00:40:56 kelly White: Hi from Albuquerque, NM
00:41:00 Meredith Speicher: Aloha from Oahu
00:41:16 Joyce Robinson: Petaluma checking in
00:41:34 Kathryn Denning: Hi from Anishnaabe territory in Ontario, Canada.
00:41:41 Sally Jensen: Hi from New Hampshire, USA
00:41:57 Timothy Hecox: Hello friends!
00:42:00 Diana Bedoya: Hola desde Gibsons, Canada en el teritorio de los Coast Salish
00:42:06 Elyzabeth Maxey: Hello from Morgantown, West Virginia! I love this series!!
00:42:24 Francesca Carbonneau: Hello from Vancouver, BC – the unceded, traditional, ancestral territories of the Coast Salish Peoples, including the q̓ic̓əәy̓ (Katzie), Kwantlen, Semiahmoo, Səәl̓ílwəәtaɬ (Tsleil-Waututh), Qayqayt, Skwxwú7mesh (Squamish), xʷəәθkwəәy̓əәm (Musqueam), and kwikwəәƛ ̓əәm (Kikwetlem) Nations.
00:42:25 Sandy Hernández: Hola desde Oaxaca
00:42:37 Cherilynn Morrow: Hello from Boulder, Colorado. I am privileged to live and work on the traditional territories of the Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and Ute Nations.
00:42:50 DIANNE Bowen-Coleman: Aloha mai kakou from O`ahu.
00:43:24 Jenny Atkinson: Hello from The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor, WA – as Nancy shared, on San Juan Island in the Salish Sea of the Saltwater Salmon Peoples.
00:44:18 Bryan Mendez: Greetings from the San Francisco Bay Area
00:44:37 Francisco Diaz: Hi from Philadelphia!
00:44:45 Margaret Kress: Taanishi from Treaty Six, Saskatchewan Canada
00:44:46 Nancy Maryboy: Hello to you all! So nice to hear from you all, from all over the world.
00:44:51 Curtis Gabrielson: Greetings from Salinas, Monterey Bay, unceded land of the Amah Mutsun!
00:45:06 Mateo Hinojosa: Greetings from Ohlone territory! que hermoso verles querida Doña María y querida Isabel
00:45:10 Julia Plummer: Hello from Pennsylvania State University, located on the traditional homelands of the Erie, Haudenosaunee (Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk, and Tuscarora), Lenape (Delaware Nation, Delaware Tribe, Stockbridge-Munsee), Shawnee (Absentee, Eastern, and Oklahoma), Susquehannock, and Wahzhazhe (Osage) Nations.
00:45:15 Gina Pearson: What a treat to see this presentation live! Hola Dona Maria and Dr. Hawkins. Greetings from the National Park Service in Ft. Collins, CO.
00:46:40 Ken Cohen: Tanisi niwakomagunak, Hello my relatives, happy to be here
00:46:58 Vishnu Ramcharan: Greetings from Tkaronto, Vishnu Ontario Science Centre, emptying the water carrier to be filled with these waters
00:48:37 Nancy Maryboy: Mahalo Dianne and thanks for bringing Paul’s spirt into this session! We miss him so.
00:49:43 Renee Gokey: Muchisima Gracias, Niyaawe, and thank you for sharing your knowledge and joy with us today.
00:50:23 Adrienne Provenzano: Beautiful images! Thank you for speaking with us today!
00:51:29 Nancy Maryboy: Great to have you on , Ashley
00:54:33 Kristina M Church: Greetings to all from Erie, PA on the land of the Erie and Haudenosaunee. Such gratitude for this gathering and these beautiful stories and images. The pictures of the Dia de Muertos altars/ofrendas are heart-stoppingly gorgeous!
00:55:34 Steven Moore: Steve Moore, now checking in from Central Oregon.
00:57:12 Nancy Sanchez: Nancy Sanchez from Willow Springs IL- very happy to have the opportunity to partake in these teachings!!
00:58:38 Pat Stephens Williams: Thank you for these opportunities!!! Pat Stephens Williams from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas.
00:58:48 Lara Tukarski: Greetings from Olympia, WA on the unceded land of the Steh-Chass people of the Squaxin Island Tribe.
01:03:23 Vishnu Ramcharan: So happy to be in a trauma-mining-free zone
01:11:21 Nancy Maryboy: Thanks for being her Alonso!
01:11:35 Nancy Maryboy: here
01:11:49 Katie Boyd: Can someone put the link for the video into the chat at some point? It would be great to be able to reference it and I missed grabbing it from the slide.
01:12:49 Tim Spuck: Thank you for the excellent presentation. I am thankful for the opportunity to join you all from Washington DC.
01:13:02 Christopher Teren: The recording will be posted in a week at http://indigenouseducation.org/multimedia/
01:13:37 Sonali Verma: https://maya.nmai.si.edu/
01:14:13 CAROLINA MICHEL: This is so timely!
01:15:05 Nancy Maryboy: The kites are absolutely amazing
01:15:15 Katie Boyd: Thank you, Sonali!
01:16:10 Sonali Verma: Of course!
01:21:34 Diana Bedoya: Is this making anyone else hungry? 😍
01:21:46 Diego Gioseffi: Gracias Doña Maria por la receta!
01:21:49 Kristina M Church: Very hungry!!
01:21:56 Nina Bookman: yes meee! Looks amazing
01:22:15 Peter Mecca: It sure is. I’m salivating.
01:22:20 Diana Liles: Looks so good!!!
01:22:26 Ken Cohen: Indigenous cuisine is as great and wonderful as indigenous poetry and art!
01:22:53 Elfreida Begay: haven’t had breakfast or lunch today… why… YUM
01:23:39 Laura Brandt: Please send our gratitude to him as well
01:24:52 Aparna Venkatesan: Hello to all the friends on this, from the ancestral lands of the Coast Miwok and Ohlone. This wonderful food is feeding my heart and spirit. Gracias Dona Maria, Isabel, Nancy, Chris, IEI and everyone!
01:26:09 Peter Mecca: Fascinating! What a great story.
01:27:09 Steven Moore: Love it! Hope to taste it someday! Thanks for showing it so clearly!
01:28:35 James Gustafson: I apologize that we are leaving early. We have a school schedule that we are following. 🙁 We’ll look for the recording so that we can appreciate the remainder of the content. THANK YOU for this fascinating material! 🙂
01:28:44 Peter Mecca: Thank you so much. I need to run to another webinar. Blessings to all of you.
01:28:48 Diana Bedoya: muchisimas gracias, Dona Maria!!
01:28:53 Rachel Ward-Maxwell: Thank you so much, Dona Maria!
01:28:54 Adrienne Provenzano: Muchas gracias, Dona Maria!
01:28:58 Bonnie Anderson: Thank you!
01:28:58 D Wale: Humiiya! Thank you!
01:29:03 wikuki kingi: Kia ora Isabel and Dona Maria – thank you so much – lots of aroha from Aotearoa – Tania Kuki Rachel xox
01:29:13 Laura Brandt: Muchas gracias a usted, Doña María! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
01:29:43 Salvador Acevedo: Saludos desde San Francisco
01:29:53 Laura Fragua-Cota: Thank you Dona Maria! Its so great to see you and to hear your voice again! You made my heart happy and also to see Isabel.
01:29:56 Aparna Venkatesan: Kia ora Tania, Kuki and Rachel! Xoxo from San Francisco
01:32:07 D Wale: Thank you so much, look forward to watching this again. Humiiya!
01:32:22 Abigail Smith: Wow, this is amazing. I’m so inspired!
01:32:32 Mateo Hinojosa: So beautiful!
01:32:37 Marco Pacheco: Saludos desde Los Angeles California. Muchas gracias Doña Maria y Isabel. Beautiful presentation.
01:33:52 Joshua Sokol: Hi also from Raleigh, Aparna!
01:34:16 Aparna Venkatesan: Hi Josh! So glad you are here 🙂 🙂
01:38:56 Margaret Kress: Muchas gracias – maarsii Dona Maria Y Isabel!
01:40:02 Katie Boyd: What a beautiful presentation. Thank you, Isabel and Dona Maria!
01:40:09 Steven Moore: That advice is true for all cultures. Thanks!
01:40:16 Jessica Rowshandel: Im so touched by all of this, thank you <3
01:40:17 Kaitlin Ehret: Thank you so much
01:40:19 BONNIE GRETZ: Thank you so much!!!
01:40:20 Steven Semken: ¡Mil gracias, Doña María y Isabel! This presentation was so rich, fascinating, beautiful, and delicious! My Mexicana wife and I watched together and were inspired! So grateful to you and to Nancy as always.
01:40:20 Sally Jensen: thank you. this was amazing!!
01:40:25 Salvador Acevedo: Viva Doña María e Isabel!!!!!
01:40:30 Kiaya Grant: Muchas gracias!
01:40:33 Melissa Sevigny: Muchas gracias!
01:40:35 Victoria Coats: Isabel and Dona Maria, Thank you for this beautiful presentation to ground us in the present sky. Lovely to see you.
01:40:42 Sam McHugh: Thank you for such a thoughtful presentation!
01:40:43 Laura Brandt: Muchas, muchas gracias!
01:40:44 Kathryn Denning: Thank you to you, and to grandmothers everywhere : )
01:40:57 Jenny Atkinson: Thank you very much! I appreciate so much the opportunity to hear your stories and learn from you. Thank you for this gift.
01:40:58 Joshua Sokol: Thank you so much for this event and for sharing this wisdom.
01:41:00 Julia Plummer: Thank you so much for sharing with us today!
01:41:01 Dave Johnson: Muchas gracias!
01:41:04 Mateo Hinojosa: Mil gracias y muchísimos abrazos!
01:41:05 Rachel Ward-Maxwell: So grateful for this. Muchas gracias, Dona Maria and Isabel.
01:41:07 Gina Pearson: Muchas Gracias todos! Que Bello
01:41:12 Adrienne Provenzano: Lovely. Thank you!
01:41:12 Katie Boyd: Thank you to Nancy and the Indigenous Education Institute for hosting this event!
01:41:13 Mark Calamia: Thanks to all of you for a lovely presentation! Take care!
01:41:24 Gina Pearson: Abrzos!
01:41:28 Diana Liles: Thankful for you and teachers everywhere and every culture!
01:41:32 Alonso Mendez: Wokolaval dona Mari Gracias a ti y Isabel por su ofrenda
01:41:32 David Sabata: Such a special presentation! Thank you all so much for sharing the beauty of the Mayan culture. Forte abrazos!
01:41:39 Nina Bookman: Thank you so much!
01:41:48 Diana Bedoya: so deeply moving
01:41:59 Celina Terrones: Thank you!! Such a wonderful presentation! Beautiful!
01:42:04 Morgan Bailey: Muchas gracias!
01:42:04 Meredith Speicher: Muchas gracias, muy importante, muchos abrzos!!
01:42:05 Kristina M Church: Thank you so much for this time to spend together! So beautiful and joyful and my heart is so full! <3
01:42:17 Craig Brownell: Moving presentation, I felt my heart and soul touched deeply
01:42:18 Elyzabeth Maxey: Wonderful information!! I loved learning more about the Day of the Dead, especially during this time of year!
01:42:25 Elaine Bretschneider: Muchisimas gracias!
01:42:35 Aparna Venkatesan: Tears flowing and heart full. Love and respects to all present and to the world as we honor those we have loved and lost
01:42:49 Lara Tukarski: Much gratitude!
01:42:58 Timothy Hecox: Thank you Isabel and Dona Maria! Sending lots of love and a BIG hug.
01:43:03 Maria Aparicio: By any chance anyone know where you can find Pibo any where in California, AZ, or NM?
01:43:25 Irma Diaz: Gracias Isabel por dar a conocer nuestras hermosas tradiciones.
01:43:35 Denise Thornhill: Thank you! This was wonderful!
01:43:37 Sally Brummel: Thank you!
01:43:54 Victoria Coats: Chris, thank you for your tech expertise!
01:44:07 Alan Gould: Thanks…GREAT event! —Alan
01:44:36 Stephen Pompea: Thank you—very informative and inspiring!!
01:44:43 Salvador Acevedo: Esto se puso todavia mejor
01:45:04 Salvador Acevedo: Saludos Alonso!
01:45:17 jennifer wilson: Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed this very much.
01:47:54 Caroline Armon: mucho gracias!
01:51:10 Mateo Hinojosa: Esas tres piedras me hacen pensar en las tres estrellas del cinturón de Orion
01:51:14 Salvador Acevedo: Siempre fiesta con Isabel
01:52:13 wikuki kingi: We also cook our food in the ground like Maya – dig the hole – heat the rocks – cover with banana leaves … in Tonga we call it “umu” and Maori call it “hangi” – I would like to try making “pib” in our umu – delicioso 🙂
01:53:32 Salvador Acevedo: We are all the same under the sun
01:54:09 Nancy Maryboy: Good words Salvador!
01:54:44 Christine Shupla: NASA has used sensors to help reveal buildings of Mayan sites: https://www.nasa.gov/vision/earth/lookingatearth/mayan_ruins.html
01:55:51 Mateo Hinojosa: Those kites definitely look like the cardinal points in the calendar
01:56:04 DEBRA M BUTLER: While you were talking, the lights in my office went out. I watched the nadir in the dark. What a beautiful gift! Thank you from Debra, residing on the traditional lands of the Nipmunk & Pequot.
01:57:14 Mateo Hinojosa: In Bolivia, on Día de Muertos on the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca, the local children make kites and fly them to communicate with the dead
01:57:49 Katie Boyd: I have to leave but thank you all for such a wonderful event!
01:58:01 wikuki kingi: Yes – kites figure largely for our Matariki festival in Aotearoa – we create them and fly them at Matariki
01:58:17 Ken Cohen: I am delighted by the cross cultural similarities between Dia de Muertos and Qing Ming Festival in China, in which the ancestors are honored with food, ceremony, and burning of ceremonial papers to provide for beloved ancestors. As someone who speaks Chinese and married to a Mexican indigenous woman, we enjoy both cultures.
01:59:00 Parvathy Prem: Muchas gracias, Doña Maria y Dra. Isabel, and everyone in the chat! I loved this so much!
01:59:44 Craig Brownell: I loved your story of playing with the shadows directly underneath you. The idea of allowing the shaft of sunlight to reach the bottom of the well undisturbed during the solar zenith seems fitting, like the water needs illumination, perhaps even a purifying effect, from time to time. How far back in time does this tradition go?
02:01:54 Bryan Mendez: Muchisimas gracias a todos
02:02:04 Isabel Hawkins: The image behind Nancy is Monument Valley
02:02:16 Isabel Hawkins: Kiaora Arna and Kuki!
02:02:32 Adrienne Provenzano: Another source is nativeskywatchers.com, Dr. Antoinette Lee collaborates with NASA.
02:02:53 wikuki kingi: Kia ora Isabel – miss you much our manuka honey bear sister – aroha nui Kuki and Tania xox
02:03:05 Isabel Hawkins: Gracias Alonso y Pepe por estar acompanandonos!
02:03:21 Karen Kitchen: Thank you everyone!
02:03:24 Isabel Hawkins: Thank you Polly and Chris! Special thanks to Nancy and David of IEI
02:03:34 Jenny Atkinson: Thanks, Chris!
02:03:41 Valerie Baldwin: Thank you everyone greatly enjoyed the presentation
02:03:53 Christine Shupla: Incredible presentation–thank you all so much for sharing your amazing insights, experiences, and skills!
02:03:56 Christopher Teren: Recordings of all of our webinars are at: http://indigenouseducation.org/multimedia/
02:03:59 DIANNE Bowen-Coleman: Mahalo nui loa.
02:04:11 Larry Gauthier: Tiniki/thanks to all of you, so much learning
02:04:48 Elyzabeth Maxey: Thank you ladies for your amazing presentation. So much knowledge has been lost and it’s nice to hear from someone who learned those ways. Thank you for sharing!
02:04:53 Angelita Valencia Borbón: Lios Uttesia Agradecida So much beauty and love.
02:05:28 Ashea Mills: SO many thanks. Very special time with you all.
02:06:03 Christopher Teren: Here are some more links to resources mentioned in this webinar:
02:06:07 Christopher Teren: “Living with the stars on Day of the Dead” Article AstroBeat Magazine (Isabel). https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HRDzcIsFmWx-Ohr_JMZ4ACJtx-MIG9MM/view?usp=sharing
Engaging Latinx Audiences through the Cultural Roots of STEM (Isabel and D. Maria): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GBe7ykzKr12F6m7AhA8gPwjxM2kGZScT/view?usp=sharing
Living Maya Time website at Smithsonian NMAI [Bilingual English/Spanish] (D. Maria, Isabel, Alonso Mendez, and many others): http://maya.nmai.si.edu/
YouTube Channel for NMAI with all the videos from the above website (English):
EN ESPAÑOL – YouTube Channel for NMAI with all the videos from the above website (Spanish):
02:07:02 Elyzabeth Maxey: I look forward to the next series!
02:07:26 Lara Tukarski: Thank you!
02:07:39 Anthony Velasco: Thank you!
02:07:56 Laura Brandt: Thank you so much!!!

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