The Indigenous Education Institute (IEI) was created for the preservation and contemporary application of traditional Indigenous knowledge.

The mission and goals were developed in order to provide awareness of the importance of cultural and linguistic diversity in the world today. Cultural and linguistic diversity provide strength and richness to individuals and nations. Indigenous ways of knowing contain knowledge that can provide greater sustainability and stewardship of the earth and cosmos, leading to a harmonious, balanced future.


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Due to Covid-19, many scheduled conferences may be cancelled or repurposed to virtual settings.

Highlight of 2019: 

We must admit that our almost three-week trip to Mongolia was the highlight of 2019. We were hosted by traditional herders and visited Northern Mongolia and the Gobi Desert of the south. We were part of a cross-cultural exchange that had supported several visits back and forth among Navajos and Mongolians. A focus was on environmental concerns, especially on the impacts of mining on Mongolian land and waters. We stayed in traditional yurts (girs) and ate traditional food, and learned about Mongolian history, culture and star knowledge, from herders, at remote locations, under the stars. We compared Navajo and Mongolian languages and found some similarities. We were warmly welcomed as little brother and little sister by traditional Mongolians, through their centuries old beliefs that Navajos are related to Mongolians, which has been proven out by DNA.


Upcoming Events

We are delighted to announce the 18th webinar in our Speaker Series, A Sense of Place: Indigenous Perspectives on Earth, Water and Sky: MEET COMMANDER NICOLE MANN, FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN WOMAN IN SPACE! Monday, April 29th 2024, at 12:00 Noon Pacific Time / 3PM Eastern Time.

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